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Friends and lovers

It’s bullshit to think of friendship and romance as being different. They’re not. They’re just variations of the same love. Variations of the same desire to be close.
Rachel Cohn


***What I was listening to when I wrote this

They walk up ahead discussing something I can’t hear.  I hold their 3-year-old son’s hand as we totter along the pavement. We come across a grate in the pathway. “Uh oh,” he says and comes to a teetering halt.  “Quick!” I say “jump!” and we hurtle across the massive chasm to land safely on the other side.

She dances through the park like a woodland elf.  “I’m safe where you are,” she calls to me then sits on a blanket looking up at the country sky, so bright and full of stars. We laugh and cry about the year gone past.

He stops in the middle of the bridge and gives me a knowing smile, so I step closer. He kisses me under the mistletoe with his fingers tangled up in my hair.

These are very different stories, but in a way, they’re kind of the same.   They’re the magic of what happens between people when they connect.

A friendship is like a whole world unto itself. Yes, it’s shared experiences, in-jokes and your understanding of each other …  but most of all, it’s how close you are despite time and distance.

Friendships and romances … they’re both a place where your heart overlaps with someone else.  It colours the world differently.  You’d do anything to make sure that person has what they need to stand strong and face the world.

When life is beautiful, your friendships are romances. You laugh so hard that you gasp for air. You hug so fiercely that you could squish into one person. You tell each other secrets. You find a safe place for your heart.

Your friends and lovers colour your world and fill it with romance.

Go, love.

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