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A peaceful heart

peaceful heart

It is just this ability to stand alone, and not feel guilty or harassed about it, of which the average person is incapable.
E. Graham Howe

I love this quote because it goes right to the heart of insecurity. Have I done the right thing?  What will they say? What do you think?

Despite the rhetoric, it matters what people think.

We’re told we should be individuals, but people are social.  We conform because that’s what it means to belong.

Now, don’t get me wrong. No two things in nature are exactly alike and nor are we.  It’s okay to be a bit like everyone else AND a bit unique.

Within that spectrum, you need to know your own heart and mind.

Other people help clarify your thoughts and feelings but in the end, you decide.

If you know you’ve done the right thing, don’t feel guilty or harassed about it.  Stand up. Be confident and true. Hold onto yourself against the  inner voice that comes creeping. The one that says every bad thing and voices every fear.

Be true against the comments and misapplied wisdom of well-meaning people.

It’s okay to stand alone and be your own authority.

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