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It’s a beautiful day outside

But you don’t know how to fly

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My aunt posted a top ten list of self-help books to Facebook the other day. Seeing them side-by-side like that, I felt a bit hopeless for humanity.

The top ten list of ways to be a better person only scratched the surface of people clamouring to tell us how to be fulfilled and successful.

It’s completely depressing.

It’s a beautiful day outside but we’ve forgotten how to fly.

Surely a contented life is much simpler than a shelf full of self-help.

We don’t need ten things.  We don’t need five things.

We each have one thing. We keep forgetting about it over and over.  We pay attention to everything else, lose our way and then hope to god someone else has a map.

It’s now.

That’s it.  No matter where you are, there’s always now.

Look.  Listen.  Smell. Taste. Feel.

It’s a beautiful day outside. Meet a friend for coffee. Sit under a tree. Play with your pet. Make a cup of tea and watch the rain fall.

It’s a beautiful day outside. Go fly.

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