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A new name

So, I changed the name of the blog.

I first started blogging when my marriage ended six years ago and I was on my own at 27 for the first time (really) since leaving home. It was a Quote of the Day then.  I sent it among friends who helped me through and it was never seen by strangers.

Over the years, I wrote less and less.  Quote of the Day was more like Quote of Whenever.

Now the act of searching my heart and sharing what I find there has become part of who I am.  I still share with friends but also with 40 or so strangers across the world who’ve chosen to follow my adventures.

Muchness is inspired by a scene from Alice in Wonderland where the Mad Hatter tells Alice she used to be much more “muchier” in her heart.

We are ALL subject to the slow dwindling of our muchness. Day by day, we allow ourselves to believe that we are less than who we truly are. We allow ourselves to become small.

So, Muchness is about getting to the heart of the matter, knowing how the heart is a vast, wild thing.

This blog, like me, is about having courage and living with muchness.


2 comments on “A new name

  1. Jai Normosone
    October 3, 2013

    Funny that I never thought to ask if you were married before…. I always took it to be that you were too young to have been through that particular mill….

    Go figure….

  2. quoteofwhenever
    October 3, 2013

    That’s because I was too young. I’ve been through more mills than I let on 🙂

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