Living each day much muchier

Making difficult decisions

When one bases one’s life on principle,
99 percent of his or her decisions are already made.



I know people who refuse to give advice because it’s not up to them to tell other people what to do. They’re right of course. It’s unhealthy to have that level of control or to submit your will to someone else all the time. Still, where do you turn if you’re unsure of what to do? With whom do you talk and what do you say when someone comes to you for advice?

Personally, I believe even the most confused person, deep down, knows what they want to do. They just get distracted by the detail of what may or may not happen. What will other people think? What if they fail? No, don’t tell people what to do. That’s only creating a burden for yourself. Instead, try to unravel all that silly string they’ve layered over the top of their decision. What is their stronger emotion and why do they feel that way? Is the emotion even ABOUT the decision or is it a hangover from the past that’s colouring the decision unnecessarily? Remind them of who they are and who they want to be.

The people you trust can still see you with clarity when you feel fuzzy.

A decision made with integrity and based on who you are – even if it goes belly up in the end – is the right one. It’s the right one because it will lead you to grow through your decisions rather than regret them.

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