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Anyone who lives within their means suffers from a lack of imagination
Oscar Wilde

Piggy bank

The quote jumped out and waved to me this week.  It drew a big SOS sign on the ground and lit a fire.

It made me laugh because the idea is so obviously wrong. We could all do with less.

It’s not for us to judge Oscar Wilde. He meant to be witty.

After three months of rebuilding my life (including most of my household belongings) and prioritising some long held dreams, finances are stretched to the limit. I’ve started saying no to things. No, I can’t. No, I shouldn’t.

Part of it feels like good discipline. The other part feels like fear.

I wasn’t brought up in poverty.  I had enough to eat. I had a roof over my head. Yet, I grew up keenly aware of how far money had to stretch.

We said no to nice things. Other kids had cool clothes. They went on school trips.  They saw movies on the weekend.  I grew up dreaming of those things but believing they weren’t for me.

My mother had a phrase, ‘the make-do gal’, which haunted her for years.  I don’t think she meant to, but she passed it on to me.  I have a phrase too. Not enough.

There is not enough money.  There is not enough time. There is not enough love to go around.  There is not enough. I must do without.

It’s at the deepest part of me and it’s been a slow-going task to replace it with phrases like, ‘I am worthy of this’, ‘I give myself permission’ and ‘there is more than enough’.

The challenge is to allow abundance to happen (which takes imagination), believing it when I see it and respecting it instead of undermining it.

There is enough.  There is more than enough.

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