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Work-life balance


Life holds no promises as to what will come your way.
You must search for your own ideals and work toward reaching them.
Life makes no guarantees as to what you’ll have.
It just gives you time to make choices and to take chances
and to discover whatever secrets that might come your way.
If you are willing to take the opportunities you are given
and utilize the abilities you have, you will constantly fill your life
with special moments and unforgettable times.

Dena Dilaconi


Whatever you spend the most time on defines who you are. I’ve been working such long hours lately and my brain is so full of work issues that I feel like I’ve forgotten how to be. I wasn’t missing a word there … I’ve forgotten how to just be.

On YouTube, Mark Gungor tells a tale of two brains. Men, he claims, have the ability to put concepts neatly into a box. They store these concepts next to each other and, without cross-contamination, can open just the one box at a time. They also have this magical thing called the Nothing Box which allows them to sit for long periods of time and think of nothing … absolutely nothing at all.

I envy this. It’s a very worthwhile skill to have.

It’s easy to get so caught up in work that you forget to prioritise and appreciate the things (and people) that make your day worthwhile… the things make you a human instead of a work-bot. You think to yourself that you will get to your personal stuff next week when work slows down, but for some reason that week never arrives. The family-time, the personal project, even the sweet-nothing box never rise to the top of the priority list.

It’s confronting to realise that there are no promises and no guarantees of what will come your way. You make choices about what to spend your time on. You draw the boundaries. Only you.

What will you do now?

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