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Magic for grown-ups

If we believe in magic, we’ll live a magical life. If we believe our life is defined by narrow limits, we’ve suddenly made those beliefs real.
Anthony Robbins


When you’re little, anything is possible. You haven’t lived long enough to disprove the existence of magic. Adults convince you that wand-bearing creatures pay money for your teeth and a large, coca-cola coloured man breaks into your house to give you presents once a year… but only if you’re good. Over time, you accept that dragons are fantasy, animals don’t talk and dinosaurs died aeons ago. You give your Millennium Falcon to someone’s 8yr old nephew and you leave the fairies at the bottom of the garden.

Except, the part of us that believed in magic is also the same part of us that truly experiences the world. It’s your open and curious spirit, your confidence in the future. It’s your thoughtless ability to throw your arms around someone with abandon. It’s the part of you that approaches things boldly, expecting great adventure. It lets you fall down, cry for a bit, then run around again carefree and oblivious within minutes.

If this part of you dies, all the colour leaches from the world.

When you learned that magic doesn’t exist, did you stop believing in anything else? True love? Providence? Peace? Is it easier to believe these things don’t exist, or maybe just not for you…

What incredible opportunities do you label as a fairy or goblin and leave untouched at the bottom of the garden? These things are vital to life but the catch is, they’re magic.

You have to believe in them.

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