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Love’s soldier

If your life is ever going to get better, you’ll have to take risks.
There is simply no way you can grow without taking chances.

David Viscot


Trying to do the right thing can be tricky. There’s no hard and fast rule that works every time. I always thought that to ‘put others first’ was a pretty good rule. How could being selfless ever be wrong? In TV shows growing up (like Family Ties or Full House), whenever the character had to make a hard choice, the right one was always to put others first.

Only, what happens when putting someone else first conflicts with following your heart?

If life was a boardgame with people’s hopes, dreams and feelings being the pieces on it, all my pieces would be off the board. It’s not that I don’t have any, I just kept them out of the game. Occasionally I’d make a play of my own, but they were few and only ever in the peace zones. My main role was as the guard, defending my friends and helping them advance where they could.

Unfortunately, this role requires me to have a closed heart and I don’t want to be that person anymore.

So, this is my declaration. I am not a spectator. I am more than a guard. I have a right to put my pieces on the board. My pieces are just as valuable as anyone else’s.

I am still *love’s soldier, only mine now as well as yours. My heart is open with the expectation of great adventure.


*Soldier of Love – Sade

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