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$20 Thief

If you lend someone $20 and never see them again,
it was probably worth it.
Author Unknown


At first glance, this reads like one of those ‘like it or lump it’ type statements. It’s the type of thing someone says when they’re hurt as all buggery but pretending to be unaffected. Heck, if I could speak it with a ‘he ain’t worth it girlfriend, mmhmmm’ sway of the head and click of the fingers, I would.

Yesterday, I absolutely reeled from news that felt like surely I must wake up at any moment. I was gutted. Truly gutted. Someone said this phrase to me and, while I wasn’t in the mood to entertain it at the time, it now prompts me to frame things a different way. The narrative I ascribe to my situation now will forever colour my feelings about this and anything that remotely resembles it in the future.

Ok, clearly we’re not talking about $20 here.

If you give someone trust, love, faith, time, energy, support … (fill in the blank) and they disappear with it – is it possible to feel like it was worth it? Whatever portion you gave them, it’s only a fraction of what you’ll have to give over time. So they disappeared with something of yours… that shows the relationship you really had with them far more clearly that you would ever have seen otherwise.

Surely it was worth it to find that out.

Goodbye my $20 thief. I hope you spend it wisely.

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