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It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare;
it is because we do not dare that they are difficult.



Usually the difficult things we face are not, in themselves, difficult tasks when you break it down. Talk to someone. Go for a walk. Don’t eat (or drink) something. Keep your distance. Make a phone call. See the doctor. Write a sentence. Whatever it is, it’s usually a fairly simple task.

What makes it difficult is the weight of anticipation that we lay over the top of the action. It is the fear of failure (or success) and what that means to you. It’s a fear of rejection or a resistance to being told what to do. It’s impatience with not seeing a result straight away. It’s hesitation in case we get a result we don’t want.

Your battle is not with the task. It’s just a task … a moment in time. It’s an external thing that you choose to do or not do. Your battle is elsewhere, internal, ongoing. It still needs to be fought, otherwise those issues will always make the task difficult. The knack, it seems, is to separate the two. Do the task, then fight the battle. Doing the task often turns the tide of battle in your favour.

It is only because you do not dare, that it seems difficult.

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