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How I met your mother


The story that your parents tell about how they met has a big impact on your psyche.

Sure, there are lots of ways you probably don’t want to be like your parents. You may or may not want the kind of relationship they had.

But if they had a story of love, chances are you expect something like that should happen to you.

My mother says the first time she laid eyes on my dad, she thought to herself ‘I’m going to marry that man.’

She didn’t know who he was.  It wasn’t love at first sight.  She didn’t even particularly want to get married as she was still quite young.

It was an unbidden thought. An intuition, deep in her gut.

So, as I’ve fallen in and out of love over the years, I’ve waited for some kind of gut response to tell me I’ve met my soulmate. Waited. Waited. Waiting.

My logical mind tells me this is not a real thing. I don’t even believe in soulmates, at least not in the concept of ‘the one’.  So, it’s not as though I’ve used it as a yardstick for my choices.

I’ve dated. I’ve loved. I’ve mended my heart several times.

Still… deep down, part of me irrationally but quietly holds onto the belief that one day I’ll run into someone and quite out of the blue, I will know.

All lovers meet and love by chance.
Marty Rubin

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