Living each day much muchier

Doing too much

All the world is birthday cake, so take a piece, but not too much
George Harrison

sunset trees

I grew up on a mountain, high above the city.

I walked along quiet roads at dusk, shadows lengthening around me, lorikeets screeching, the breeze cooling and the last touch of sunlight lingering on treetops.

I looked out to the horizon where the shiny Gold Coast sprawled and flickered into life.

It looked so exciting, that city. There, friends went to the cinema or out clubbing. There, people held parties, adventures and romances.

It made me ache. I was missing out.

That feeling burned so ardently; I taste it decades later.

Now I am well among the city (a different city).

Late night dumplings, friends, dancing, a catch-up over drinks, the hug of two people who don’t really want to part… I’m often on the wrong side of the early morning.

It’s not doing me any good. I’m wearing out.

Life is so amazing, I want to be there for every experience but I’m not an endless reservoir.

I muse over this tonight as I lie on the couch with music softly playing.

The world is cake and I’ve been gorging on second and third helpings… it’s too much.

A healthy dinner. A tasty beer. An early night.  These things are also good.

Perhaps less IS more.

One comment on “Doing too much

  1. M
    June 18, 2014

    I can certainly sympathise with you with regards the getting worn out thing but my circumstances are different where I am the one that many people call when they need help with something (the curse of being able to fix almost anything).

    With your problem being that people want you around because you’re a good and decent person and nice to be with, that’s a tough problem to have 🙂

    Early nights and early mornings are what I like – and if you add a bit of cold weather where the cats want to curl up beside you in bed makes it just that much better 🙂
    Porridge for breakfast just makes it better.

    It sounds like your life is near to being complete in that you know that you can’t always burn the candle at both ends – and the man in your life is a cat 🙂

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