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What the heart wants

I came across an image this week that said in big, bold typeface:

Internet words

I wasn’t immediately convinced this statement was true. Maybe it’s the choice of words or the way the meaning changes on emphasis but it gripped me.  It resonated. I had to find out why.

It is okay

Do you seek approval (or consensus) before you believe something is okay?  Are you downright hard on yourself (like I am)? Does it matter if you’re the only one?

Giving yourself permission is invaluable.

It’s okay to want.

…for me

Other people follow their dream.  Other people find love.  Other people are awesome at what they do.

You know, there’s no reason at all why that can’t be you.  Don’t be a martyr.  Step up and claim it.

It’s for you.

…to have everything

Sounds hedonistic, right? We let ourselves want things like a scarf or a holiday. I’m not talking about that kind of everything.

I’m also not talking about things that would hurt other people. Sometimes we pin our wants to the unattainable as a form of sabotage against true, heartfelt desires.  When it doesn’t work out, we say, “See? I never get what I want.”

Yet, those heartfelt wants are what I’m talking about. They’re what feel like the world to you. They’re the wants you’re scared to admit, tied up with who we hope to be and what makes us shine.

If it seems hardly real and too much to hope for, that’s the everything you deserve. Give yourself permission.

…I want

Wants of that nature can be unformed like molten lava below your awareness.

They stay unformed because they compete and usually lose against ‘shoulds’.   Shoulds certainly come with consequences.  There’s no point in pretending they’re fictional.

Unfulfilled wants come with consequences too. They heave and simmer and push you into all sorts of strange shapes.  They burst through unexpectedly.

There is a lot of raw power in want.

So, if it is okay for you to have everything that you want…

What is it that you want?

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