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Naughty and nice

The preservation of health is a duty.
Few seem conscious that there is such a thing as physical morality.
Herbert Spencer

My apple and berry pie, photo by food blogger, Ngizee

You know that feeling when you’ve done something super naughty but it felt so good at the time…  then later, when you actually think about it, you have a horrible, churning regret?

I can certainly point to one or two occasions like that (and no, this isn’t a confessional).

Doing something naughty for deliciously good reasons is part of living a full and interesting life. However, doing it out of weakness or pain never ends well. Morality is what supports honourable and beautiful relationships. It burns only when it’s mishandled.

I like the phrase, physical morality, in this context.

Something like a fruit crumble delights the taste buds but leaves your body moaning ‘Why? Why did you do this?’

Don’t get me wrong. There’s a time and a place for pie, but it’s disrespectful to do it too often.

Morality has a bad rap these days. People are defensive about it because it implies religious right and wrong. Nobody wants to be told what to do, yet we all have a conscience that guides our behavior, tied intimately to help or harm.

Just as morality doesn’t have to be about religion, physical morality isn’t about turning into a bikram yoga, dandelion tea, barefoot, swishy pants person.

It’s about listening to your body like you listen to your conscience.

Some foods and activities create a murky response from your body.  Some make you feel amazing.

The more you listen, the better it guides you through the naughty and the nice.

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