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Why have discipline?

Discipline is the defining fire by which talent becomes ability.
Roy Smith

Latin dancing

I’m on the dance floor. A man has his arms around me. We move, rhythmically, slowly. We’re surrounded, but this moment has only two people and that deep, hypnotic latin beat.

He asked me to dance because he thinks I know what I’m doing. The way I move, breathe and disappear into the music say I know what I’m doing but it all falls apart the moment he pops out some killer move that I should probably know.

I dance salsa, zouk, bachata, merengue, and cha cha. I’ve done belly dancing and hip hop. I have a yellow tip belt in hapkido and know the basics of Brazilian jiu jitsu. I’ve been up before the dawn doing push-ups on my toes. I know what a saison and a lambic are. I’ve sung on stage. I love landscape photography.

I am so in love with the world that I barely dip my toe into one beautiful art before I’m drawn to another.

The problem is that I wing everything on whatever talent I can muster. I never master anything.

That awkward moment where I hit the bluff limit is a bad feeling. I feel like a phony.

I realise now that discipline is an important part of a life well lived. Focus, regularity and commitment are necessary building blocks to free up capacity for passion and pure enjoyment.

It’s time to be disciplined. After all, I have to make some rules before I can have fun breaking them…

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