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What your actions say about you…

Words are plentiful, but deeds are precious.
Lech Walesa


People lie all the time. We say little, flattering white lies and sometimes big, self-protective whoppers. Sometimes we say things to convince ourselves as well as other people. Much truth depends on perspective.

Words are easily strung together and spoken. I’m not saying they’re meaningless. It’s just that they’re too often used to convey what we wish was true, would be easier if it were true… what we’re supposed to say. It’s infinitely harder to deceive with our actions. We’re less aware of the picture our actions paint over time and without conscious direction, they tend to reveal our innermost desires.

Over time, it is your actions that count long after your words have been forgotten.

Love finds expression in action. It’s a far more powerful thing to act in love than to talk about it. So when we say we love people, do our actions agree? Do yours?

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