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A bird doesn’t sing because it has an answer;
it sings because it has a song.

Maya Angelou


Where does joy come from? When you walk down the street, some people wear a scowl, most people wear blank, unreadable faces but every now and then you catch the eye of someone with a deep seated joy who doesn’t care if you see it. Sometimes, joy comes remarkable and unbidden into a moment. Unfortunately these moments are few and far between. You’ll spend long, languorous days between hits if this is your only source. Real joy is born of an attitude you take with you at all times.

I’m not talking about ‘don’t worry be happy’. Actually I’ve never been able to manage that level of flippancy. Rather, I try to have a propensity for joy … to appreciate something for its own sake. When you do this, suddenly all the little things make you smile. A word. A bird wheeling on the updraft of a stormy sky. A smell. A dance.

You may not have the answers. You can always have a song.

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