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What to wear?


What should you wear when you get to the late summer of your life? The short answer is anything you damn well please and whatever makes you feel good, but what feels good has changed.

Ahh, late summer. The blush of spring is gone and you’ve baked in days of sunshine that you felt would go on forever. In late summer, the crops are high and you’ve got a lot to offer. Autumn is around the corner, but you’re not there yet. You’re full with wisdoms so far gleaned, and still strong and energetic to bend your will onto the world.  This is how I feel, turning 40 this year.  

How do you honour your body in this stage?

What felt good in my teens and twenties was a short, strappy dress that turned heads. Admiration is nice, but I am more than that now. Short dresses feel like clinging to someone I was, and shrinking myself to the least form of feminine value.

What felt good in my 30s was hiking gear. Give me boots to crush BS beauty norms and a camera on my shoulder to capture the joy of everything else that matters in the world. Comfort is nice, but hiking gear belongs in the woods and on the mountain. I don’t need to define myself in opposition to anything. It only chains you to the underside of the same thing from which you claim to be free.

After decades of internalising beauty culture and then solidly rejecting it, where does that leave me when I face the armoire? What to wear?

“The most beautiful makeup of a woman is passion. But cosmetics are easier to buy.”
Yves Saint Laurent

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