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From a commercial point of view, if Christmas did not exist it would be necessary to invent it.
Katherine Whitehorn


It’s a topic as common as the weather. Oh for *insert expletive*’s sake, Christmas decorations already? In October, the stores are already pimped with trees, tinsel and targeted advertising. It happens every year and earlier every year.

I don’t know that the offense has anything to do with early decorating. Yes, drawing it out makes it less special. It’s an anti climax for the kids. Delayed gratification is hard for us too. Christmas is a prompt to wind down from work, which isn’t an option in September.

Really though, early Christmas decorations are an insult to our intelligence. Nobody likes being told what to do. There is a limit to how impressionable people are and I think early November is probably the reach of that rubber band. I’ll dive into a spend-frenzy when I’m good and ready, thank you.

When Christmas blends into mid financial year, into Easter, into end of financial year, into mothers day and father’s day… well, there’s a long drought in the latter half of the year. No public holidays also means no major marketing opportunities.

Yes, it’s a manipulation but if it’s any consolation, we only have to listen to jingle bells an hour or so at a time. Retailers are stuck listening to it for two solid months.

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