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Coaxing the truth

The truth speaks to me from a peaceful place. Gotta set the stage to hear it, you know what I mean?

Special Agent Lundy
Dexter – Season 2


I spent the last five days curled up on the couch with a box of tissues, lemon ginger tea and three unwholesomely addictive seasons of Dexter. It’s not the most profound setting I know, but inspiration comes from strange places. The character of Special Agent Lundy is an older man who cracks impossible cases. In this scene, he sits in a room with grisly crime photographs on the wall and relaxing jazz playing on the stereo. It seems bizarre, even crazy, but he’s searching for the right soundtrack to his thoughts. Surely these dead and mutilated corpses deserve more respectful tones. This music is something you might cook dinner to or enjoy a glass of wine.

Amid the noise of facts, dates, horror, pressure, media and whatever else, the character creates a calm atmosphere and waits for the truth to reveal itself. The crucial link is there, he knows it … but it won’t be found through wracking his brain, debating or going over the same ground again and again. Those are the very distractions that create a haystack around the needle. From a peaceful place, the truth has a chance to stand out, to speak.

We always see other people’s problems clearer than our own because we’re caught up in the noise of our situation, our expectations and emotions. Maybe if we sit quietly with the data, try putting unrelated things side by side, add a different colour, or listen to a different music we’ll create a space for the truth to speak. What catches your attention?

Set the stage to hear it.


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