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Evidential Love

The world is blessed most by people who do things,
not by those who merely talk about them.
James Oliver


You’ve probably heard about the concept of love languages. These are gifts, words, deeds and physical affection. The idea behind a love language is that one of these (moreso than the others) is how you express your own love and feel the love of others. If you’re the kind of person who likes to say and hear the words ‘I love you’ but you’re with someone who’s touchy feely, you might feel quite unloved. It’s the same with friendship. There are huggy friends, gift-giving friends and ones who are always ready to help. If you don’t respond in kind, then you start to drift apart.

What I find interesting is that three of the love languages are action-based and only one of them uses words.

People believe things without evidential proof all the time. We can stubbornly believe what we want to about a person and that belief stays incredibly powerful over many years. Yet, if something is not backed up by action, how real can it honestly be?

If you can’t tell by now, I sit quite firmly in the deeds camp. I am the original word-girl after all, but even I see that words are empty without deeds.

The world is blessed by people who walk the walk. To me, the rest is smoke and mirrors.

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