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About this blog

I’m a 30 something Melburnian who dances, writes and thinks too much.

Muchness is inspired by a scene from Alice in Wonderland where the Mad Hatter tells Alice she used to be much more “muchier” in her heart.

We are ALL subject to the slow dwindling of our muchness. Day by day, we allow ourselves to believe that we are less than who we truly are. We allow ourselves to become small.

So, Muchness is about getting to the heart of the things, unpacking what it means to enjoy the world, face problems, appreciate and live authentically.

It’s worth your while looking for the lovely, the beautiful and the incredible.

Stop wondering if there’s more to life when there’s so much more of THIS life to live.

2 comments on “About this blog

  1. writingbolt
    October 16, 2013

    The Mad Hatter tends to drive me mad like most of the story’s characters. But, I have been associating myself with the white rabbit for some years now.

    Much on that food for thought:P Er, munch.

    • quoteofwhenever
      October 17, 2013

      If much of Carroll’s work seems nonsensical, that’s because it is and purposefully so. Much of life is nonsensical.

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Department of Words

Department of Words

Thinker. Writer. Photographer. Dancer. Not necessarily in that order.

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