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I try to walk at least part of the way to work in order to feel present and purposeful in my day.

Commuting is all squish and crankiness and blank eyed detachment from the moment. I become, in every way, one of the herd, rushing in absent conformity, a droplet in a tidal wave, a pair of hooves in the stampede.

If I get off a stop early and walk through the park, there is time and space to remember that, with the other priorities in my life, I am privileged to work and I choose this life.

I am more than this, but I am also this.

“…in divinity opposites are always reconciled.”
Walter M. Miller Jr.

“To think is to split the subject and object, to feel is to merge them.”
Mark Mandemaker

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Department of Words

Department of Words

Thinker. Writer. Photographer. Dancer. Not necessarily in that order.

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