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Be happy to be happy

“This world has to be loved, this world has to be respected, this world has to be your temple, your mosque, your church. This world has to be your gratefulness, your gratitude. Enlightenment is not something of another world. Enlightenment happens now and here.”


The way to be happy is to be happy. Confused?

Happiness is not a destination or an achievement. It is like ‘fit’, ‘healthy’ or ‘career’. Its definition changes the moment you get there. It’s compared against an ever changing ideal rather than how far you’ve come.

In every moment, there is fuel for happiness and misery. I’m tired. This coffee is great! The leaves are changing. My best friend is visiting. The cat is naughty. The commute is long. I am in love. My credit bill is too high.

Happiness or unhappiness depends on your focus in the moment.

Like mythical hydra, miseries keep multiplying until you deal with the source. Miseries demand your attention as problems to be solved. Yet, problems keep happening.

Happiness doesn’t make the same demands. It is easily ignored and taken for granted. It takes conscious focus to notice, dwell on and appreciate the things that inspire you.

Balancing your attention takes practice and, just like fitness, the only way to be happy is to continue to practice.

The best bit? Happy-practice brings immediate happiness. There’s no burn or office minion status to suffer through first.

Now is the time, and the only time, to be happy.

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This entry was posted on April 4, 2011 by in Happiness.
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